How does the foodcard work?

Talk is silver, DELICARDO is golden.

The DELICARDO Foodcard is a valuable asset whenever you do not cook yourself. The small restaurant card is most commonly used in restaurants and on travels. The foodcard is a formal request intended for the cook, which instructs him to consider the listed food intolerances when preparing the meal.
We recommend always having your DELICARDO Foodcard with you, e.g. in your purse, just like a business card, with the information for the cook being its special feature. Upon ordering you hand your DELICARDO to the waiter, asking him to pass it on to the cook. It may sometimes be useful to add that you are an allergic or that certain food does not agree with you. The Foodcard is a practical restaurant card facilitating an uncomplicated way of communication.

The waiter can note down the table number on the DELICARDO, mark the order in question on the order bill with reference to the DELICARDO and hand the order bill together with the Foodcard on to the kitchen. You can also write any special wishes on the restaurant card. That way the cook receives precise instructions on which ingredients may not be used when preparing the dish ordered, and what may be included alternatively, e.g. rice or potatoes instead of noodles.
The DELICARDO Foodcard allows the cook to get an overview of the ingredients not to be used as well as the permitted alternatives with just one look. You can also note medication and emergency numbers on the Foodcard, should you choose to do so.

Please note: The DELICARDO Foodcard is no replacement for a medical diagnosis. Neither is it a dietary guideline for people with food intolerances. The DELICARDO Foodcard is a discreet and precise way of informing the kitchen about ingredients to be avoided when you find yourself in a situation, in which you intend to eat dishes prepared by someone else, for example in restaurants, on travels, on private or office parties, or in daycare centres.