Nut and peanut allergy

Ms Ludwig from Erlangen reports: „I like nut cake. But I can’t eat it any longer. I am allergic to nuts, which can be dangerous to me. Still I don’t want to miss sweets altogether. When I go eating in a restaurant as someone suffering from an allergy and order dessert, I simply show my DELICARDO to the waiter and can then enjoy a nut-free dessert.”

The proteins of nuts and peanuts are extremely allergenic. The smallest amount can cause allergy sufferers to experience symptoms. For example a 100 microgram peanut (a thousandth of a peanut) can already lead to allergic symptoms. [1] The degree of these symptoms can be extremely severe, in the worst case scenario this could induce an allergic shock. It can thus be of vital importance to meticulously check the ingredients of food products and to strictly heed the health warnings. [2]

That is why we highly recommend handing over a DELICARDO Foodcard for nut and/or peanut allergy to the cook each time you eat dishes prepared by someone else.